If you’ve been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, find out how much protection you have against the virus with this extremely accurate antigen test.

The peace of mind you need in a pandemic

Do you know your current level of protection against COVID-19 after being vaccinated or recovering from the disease?

Your Covid-19 antibodies, after vaccination or recovering from the disease, might be less effective against new COVID-19 variants such as the UK, Brazilian, South African and other variants.

Therefore it’s essential to control your level of actual immunisation to determine your level of protection against the new, more dangerous variants with a greater risk of reinfection.

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antigen test for covid

Take this rapid test if you’ve recovered from COVID-19 or got the Covid-19 vaccine with at least one jab.
Not all vaccines are equally effective, and not all diagnostic tests are equally accurate.

covid antigen test


Find out what sort of protection you’ve got against COVID-19, now.

If you’ve been vaccinated against coronavirus COVID-19 or have recovered from the disease, your body produced antibodies to fight the sars cov-2. But as time passes and new strains appear, the immunization may no longer be effective, even in people without symptoms.

The extremely accurate ANTIBODY Covid-19 test measures the number of antibodies you have with the greatest accuracy, establishing your level of protection against COVID-19.

Other flow tests only measure the levels of all the immunoglobulins grouped together (IgG), without distinguishing between the various subclasses, so the test results are much less accurate.

antibody test for covid 19

As it uses flow cytometry, ANTIBODYCOVID is the only antigen antibody test that measures the three specific levels of the most important immunoglobulin for the body’s immunisation against COVID. That’s why this test works and it’s the most accurate and reliable test on the market.


The most abundant type of IgG in serum. It’s a very important immunoglobulin for measuring antibody response to viral infection. It’s a neutralizing antibody and can activate the body’s response to destroy virus-infected cells.


This immunoglobulin is found in abundant numbers in the mucous fluids of the nose, pharynx, bronchi and lungs, and represents the first barrier to neutralise airborne viruses.


It provides the first protection in response to an infection. It can activate the body’s response to destroy virus-infected cells, but it has a low level of affinity. In other words, it doesn’t bind very well with the virus and therefore has a fairly weak neutralization capacity.

What do you get with the ANTIBODYCOVID test?

· Flow cytometry: Flow cytometry detects three immunoglobulin subtypes that otherwise can’t be detected.

· Peace of mind: By measuring the antibodies in your blood you can find out your level of protection against COVID-19.

· Certain: At any time you’ll know whether you’re still immunised or not.

· Knowing: You can move about knowing you’re protected and aren’t putting others in danger.

· Reliable: By analysing the full-length virus protein, its accuracy is almost 99%, guaranteeing the most reliable results.

· Practical: All you need to do is prick a finger to extract a few drops of blood.

· Simple: ANTIBODY Test for Covid is so simple you can use it yourself at home.

· Exclusive: It’s the only test that detects vaccine antibodies, as well as those in the body after recovering from the disease.

Thanks to this simple home test, you can move around town, visit friends and family at home, go to the pub or a restaurant without having to worry, knowing you can’t get infected or transmit the disease to anyone.

It’ll be as if things are back to normal again. Always, of course, with the greatest responsibility and in observance of all health measures and restrictions.

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