How Covid ANTIBODY test kit works

Find out what happens from when you buy the Covid-19 ANTIBODY test to when you get the results.

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Not all Covid-19 vaccines are equally effective, and not all tests are equally accurate.

Find out more about the process of , step by step.

kit includes:

Two lancets to prick the finger.
A tube to collect the drops of blood required for the test.
A bio-secure bag to send the sample.


Follow the instructions in the video use the test in the correct way.

100% analysed: ANTIBODY Test covid is the only test that analyses the full-length virus spike protein

99% accurate: by analysing the full-length protein, the results are extremely reliable


3 immunoglobulins: the only test that distinguishes the specific levels of the three subclasses of immunoglobulins

1 minute: the time for a pin prick on the finger at home

3-5 days: You’ll get the results in two days